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From The Pioneer In Digital Radiography.

Since 1995, Suni Medical Imaging   has been a leader in digital radiography, pioneering several advanced digital   sensor technologies. From our ISO 9001 certified, state-of-the-art facility in   San Jose, CA, Suni manufactures two different digital sensors, and distributes   an intraoral camera and 3-in-1 digital pan/ceph/cone beam solution.

The   newly-designed SuniRay CMOS sensor uses advanced technology to produce crystal   clear images and is the only mixed-platform sensor on the market (works with PC   and Mac using MacPractice software). And the industry standard, Dr. Suni Plus   CCD sensor is still the thinnest dental sensor in the world with the longest   standard warranty. Suni also offers the SuniCam II intraoral camera with its   ergonomic design, excellent image quality and depth of field.

As a   complete digital imaging provider, we recently introduced Suni3D. With its   modular design, you can choose a digital pan today and cost-effectively upgrade   to a One-Shot Ceph and/or 3D Cone Beam whenever you’re ready. Or, simply go with   Cone Beam right from the start. With Suni3D, you have the flexibility to choose   the system that works best for you.

Suni – the value leader in digital imaging.


The only cross-platform sensor on the market

Function and Ergonomic Design

Designed for all of your intraoral imaging needs, SuniRay sensors are extremely comfortable, flexible and easy to use.

  • Designed with rounded corners for increased patient comfort
  • Built to last with a reinforced cable attachment, SuniRay sensors are extremely reliable and durable
  • The plug and play sensors are easy to install and can be operated in different PC’s throughout the practice
  • Since one size does not fit all patients, two sensor sizes are available, including children and adults with special anatomical considerations
  • Integrated USB module allows you to easily move the sensors from room to room

Sensor Specifications

Learn more in-depth information about sensor specifications to see how to properly utilize and care for a SuniRay Sensor.

Technical dataSize 1Size 2
Sensor Dimensions (mm)39.5 x 2643.5 x 31.5
Active Area (mm)31.1 x 20.235.2 x 26.2
Sensor TechnologyCMOS APS Fiber PlateCMOS APS Fiber Plate
Maximum Gray Levels40964096
Sensor Cable3 feet (1m)3 feet (1m)
Cable AttachmentReinforced Strain ReliefReinforced Strain Relief
USB ModuleIntegrated USB 2.0 ModuleIntegrated USB 2.0 Module
SoftwareProf. SuniProf. Suni
Warranty2 years2 years

X-Ray Imaging Properties

  • Resolution: The pixel resolution of the high resolution (HiRes) sensors exceeds 15 lp/mm. The standard resolution of an X-Ray image, as measured by the modulation transfer function (MTF) exceeds 12 lp/mm. This is measured by using a standard 60 kV intraoral X-ray source.
  • Does Efficiency: The sensor will produce a high quality image with an X-Ray dose that is only a fraction of the standard dose required by Dental X-Ray film.
  • Diagnostic Efficacy: The system will produce a superior image quality of images obtained when using standard dental X-Ray film. This allows the dentist to diagnose standard intraoral pathologies encountered during screening procedures.
  • Wide dynamic range: The sensor pixel well capacity is very high, allowing a higher accommodation of greyscale (bone density) dynamic range.

Sensor Material Biocompatibility Specifications

The sensor’s body material and cable material are biocompatible. The sensors and all component materials have been tested to comply with ISO standards, and specifically, the sensor complies with EN IS0-10993 (Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices).

Sensor Storage Requirements

The sensor must be stored and operated in at a temperature range between 18ºC and 40ºC.

Comprehensive and Easy to Use Software

SuniRay sensors come with a complete software package that runs on any standard Windows and USB equipped computer. This extremely user friendly, feature rich clinical application easily integrates with all practice management software programs.


The Perfect Balance

With its crystal clear images and contoured shape, SuniCam II is the perfect diagnosis partner for early clinical detection and patient education. Its ergonomic design, ideal size and light weight make SuniCam II a comfortable fit for both clinician and patient, and it’s easily portable between operatories.

Crystal Clear Images Improve Diagnoses

SuniCam II allows you to document and show outer areas of the teeth and gums-including lesions, cracks, and calculus buildup to your patients on a computer screen.

Easy to Work With

With it’s curved design, light weight and compact head (with LED lighting), SuniCam II feels good in your hand and maximizes patient comfort. SuniCam II easily integrates with with Prof. Suni or Dr. Suni software, and like all Suni imaging products, is compatible will all major practice management software.

The Right Angle of Lens

SuniCam II’s 105° angle of view separates it from most other cameras that only give a 90° angle. This increased angle allows for better exploration of posterior areas and ensures you the most thorough diagnosis.


Suni3D Panoramic

Advanced Technology Means Superior Image Quality

The Suni3D Panoramic System combines simplicity with state-of-the-art technology to provide ease of use, superior image quality and extensive diagnostic capability. There are nine anatomical programs including Standard, Hemi-Panoramic, Frontal Dentition, Sinus, TMJ Open and Closed, Incisor Clear, Orthogonal, Canal Clear and Maxillary Clear. The best part is that the Suni3D Panoramic System gives you the flexibility to upgrade to Ceph or 3D Cone Beam in the future.

3D Panoramic


The Most Advanced One-Shot Cephalometric System for Orthodontic Specialists

0.9 Second Exposure Time

No image distortion/no motion artifact with reduced x-ray exposure time.

Reduced X-Ray Exposure

Significant reduction of X-ray exposure dose.

Unmatched Image Quality

Our state-of-the-art area sensor enables Orthodontic Specialists to have high quality images that were previously unavailable.

Easily Upgradable

Suni’s one-shot Ceph option can easily be added to our Suni3D Panoramic / Cone Beam System.


Optimum Field of View

The Right FOV Shows You What You Need to See

Suni3D has an optimum FOV available as 5×5 or 8×5 that is just the right size for quadrant dentistry. This 5 cm height is essential to fully capture the necessary anatomical structures. Suni3D is ideal for Implantology, TMJ evaluation, and Endodontic procedures.

Short Scan and Reconstruction Time

Suni3D Saves You Time and Money

Suni3D acquires 18-30 frames per second and scans the target area in 8 seconds with reconstruction time less than 1 minute. The scanning procedures and patient positioning are as easy as capturing a panoramic x-ray.

Accurate and Exact Diagnosis

Better Diagnosis and Planning Leads to Better Dentistry

With Suni3D’s outstanding diagnostic image quality, you can view coronal, sagittal, axial and cross-sectional images together with the panoramic image in one viewer. The exact measurements and implant simulation functions give you the security of accurate treatment planning.

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